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Dispelling the Myths of ERG

Discovering Modern Electroretinography

In a recent survey of practicing eye care specialists, 28% of respondents said they have not considered adding electrophysiology to their practice because they don’t know enough about it.1 Does this sound like you? Modern electroretinography (ERG) is often associated with the use and applicability of the technology as it existed decades ago. But since then, it has evolved to become a key component of the suite of tools available to today’s eye care professionals as well as an everyday solution to patient management challenges.

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Diopsys is the world-leading provider of modern visual electrophysiology solutions and trusted thought leader in the medical eye care community that helps eye care professionals accurately and objectively measure retinal and visual pathway function. Through intuitive eye care tests that produce clear objective, functional results and enable improved patient management, Diopsys powers confident treatment decisions and early detection initiatives that lead to better, safer outcomes.

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Intuitive Eye Care Tests

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Clear Objective, Functional Results

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Improved Patient Management