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Dispelling Myths Surrounding ERG CPT Codes

Posted by Diopsys, Inc. on September 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Updated ERG CPT Codes Find a Place in Practice

In January of 2019, the American Medical Association announced three new CPT Codes for electroretinography (ERG) which caused quite a bit of confusion among doctors and billers. Here are the facts:

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Prevent Retinal Ganglion Cell Death: Detect and Treat Glaucoma Early

Posted by Diopsys, Inc. on June 19, 2019 at 4:30 PM


The death of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) is what leads to glaucoma-induced vision loss. The more RGCs that die, the worse vision loss becomes. As RGCs are part of the central nervous system, they do not regenerate once lost. However, death is the final step in the process. If an eye care professional can identify when RGCs begin to stop working properly due to increased intraocular pressure, treatment can begin at this early stage, thus slowing or preventing cell death and vision loss.

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Topics: Glaucoma, Pattern ERG, ffERG/PhNR

Ophthalmology Spotlight: How Patients Benefit from ERG Vision Testing

Posted by Diopsys, Inc. on March 29, 2018 at 8:49 AM

An Interview with William I. Bond, MD, FACS:

After over 40 years in practice, William I. Bond, MD has gotten fairly confident in his ability to evaluate a patient in the clinic and understand the health of the eye. 

The kind of knowledge that only comes from interacting with patients of all ages and vision disorders daily is a valuable tool when working with a new vision loss patient. It is what helps Dr. Bond look at a patient with a cataract, for example, and have an awareness that something else might be going on, perhaps something unseen that is affecting one or more parts of the complex human visual system. It may be that the degree of refractive change a patient is experiencing is more profound than what is suggested by the stage of the cataract. Yet, what that “something else” might be is not always obvious.

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Topics: Pattern ERG, Flicker ERG

Glaucoma and ERG:
What I Knew vs. What I Now Know

Posted by Robert J. Noecker, MD, MBA on October 13, 2016 at 12:43 PM

My interest in glaucoma diagnostic devices started early in my career during a Fellowship at Tufts, and has only increased with time. I’ve held positions as Director of Glaucoma at UPMC and the University of Arizona School of Medicine, and as a faculty member at Yale University School of Medicine. You could say I’m infinitely curious about how to detect the disease earlier, treat the disease more effectively, and manage my patients to maintain their ability to see. So when I was introduced to pattern electroretinography (ERG) as a practice-based vision test, my curiosity took over. Here’s what I knew from my previous experience:

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